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Friday, August 29, 2008

So McCain pics the Alaska Governor to be the VP and a lot of you people are being juvenile about this whole thing and saying she has a "hot teacher" look about her. She is the future Vice President of the United States and you people need to quit being disrespectful...she is WAY hotter than that. She approaches the legendary status of "hot librarian". Here is a sample of the headlines I envision (some props to Oscar here because he got the headlines started):
-McCain taps Palin as VP
-McCain has big plans for drilling with Palin
-New energy plan calls for laying lots of pipe in Alaska
-Palin is on McCains staff
-Vice Presidents office will now be the Library of Congress (stay with me on the librarian theme)
-McCain promises gusher when he drills in Alaska
If you've got some more headlines post them.


Anonymous said...

McCain gets behind Palin
McCain VP pick enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time in the hard woods
McCain VP pick polls well
MCCain expect polls to jump over his VP pick

Anonymous said...

she played the flute and was runner up for Miss Alaska.

We are approaching perfection in a political candiate here