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Thursday, March 23, 2006

West Virginia teacher arrested for having sex with students. This gets uncle Greenspan upset. In a nation that is known for it's compassion and affluence we have a situation like this in our own country, in our own public schools.

We wonder why children from the poorer states routinely score lower on IQ tests. If you were a kid in West Virginia would you go to class knowing that there was an outside chance that Jabba-the-Hut here in her orange jump suit was going to ask you to stay late for some extra credit? Or would you skip class..take the zero and work in a coal mine the rest of your life not knowing how to add or read but live secure in the knowledge that you avoided a fate worse than death by skipping class?

Fast forward to Tennessee and Florida. Talk about winning the lottery. I'd never miss a class. 103 fever...gotta go to school, never know what might happen. Broken leg...gotta go to school. Moms funeral...gottta go to school. Hell that is such positive reinforcement that I might never quit going to school...I'd become a doctor AND a lawyer..and whatever else it takes a lot of school to accomplish...I'd stay in school until they kicked me out on the off chance that I might get to live out a Van Halen video in real life.

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