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Friday, February 14, 2014

Someone, somewhere, is counting on this guy to cover their flank.  

It's happy hour in the euro zone…Molotov Cocktails are 3 for 1.

Time Magazine posts the last known photo of Burgess Meredith.

OK, here's how I score this: He's off to a good start with the cammies, he gets a plus for the chains, huge props for being in the fire, but the Darth Vader helmet gets him the win.
When I saw this I was like "Sweet!  Earth, Wind and Fire is back together!"  But then I found out this is just a militia from the war-torn Central African Republic.

Monique Angermueller of Germany follows up a triple Sow-Cow move with a flawless Missionary position to clinch the Gold.

The crowd is stunned as a protester positions himself for a gas attack on riot police...

Taking a cue from NASCAR, officials at the Luge event are sending multiple riders in tight packs in an effort to increase the accident rate, and therefore the watchability of the sport.