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Friday, October 10, 2008

This is Lauriane Gilliéron, Miss Switzerland 2006. She is the reason every man on the planet should know how to say two things in French...or German...or whatever the hell it is that they speak where she's from:

1 - I'm a doctor

2 - I just need to take your temperature with this


Anonymous said...

I am impressed. Upon further research, she speaks, French, Italian, and German... she can tell you to fuck off in 3 languages... and then... her Hocky Playing boyfriend will kick your ass... the last thing you'll see through the eye that is filling with blood is him walking away with her.

The next day, the local muslim cleric will tell you that if you strap a bomb to your chest and blow up the local supermarket... you can have 72 unpenetrated versions of her without the badass boyfriend...

I'm in!

Bank Portfolio Blog said...

Nobody kicks Greenspans ass.

Any chick faced with the choice of going to run down ice rinks to see a loser semi-pro hockey player or jetsetting to Davos to listen to monetary policy debates will always choose the latter.

Chicks dig the monetary policy thing.