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Friday, December 04, 2009

Top 5 facts about Kansas coach Mark Mangino:

5 – They were worried he might try to eat the mascot, but Kansas told them not to worry as
he never touches healthy food

4 – Mangino was upset they couldn’t go to the Hot Wings bowl, or the Chili-Cheese Dog Bowl, or
the Fry that thing in Boiling Fat bowl

3 – He’s the only coach that weighs more than his entire offensive line

2 – Star Wars character Jaba the Hut was based on him

1 – He coaches for a living because it’s the only way he can score

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In the imortal words of the texters....OMG.
Rumor is that Tiger Woods has been hitting this harder than a Titleist on a par 5. Blogapova hopes that the rumors are true. In tough economic times like these people need hero's. And Tiger is the type of hero the people need. He's living the American dream...he's rich, successful, has a huge yacht, and he's laying pipe like a plumber working overtime. There can be no stronger message to the average American man that it pays to work hard and be successful.

Blogapova also thinks it would be worth getting a 5-iron beating from an angry wife.