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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

China collaborated with The Disovery Channels Pimp My Ride show to put the finishing touches on their lunar rover. In addition to the Gansta Gold paint it's riding on 8 inch Spyro Rims, has a 62 inch spoiler on the rear, a Blaupunkt stereo with 16 inch subwoofers and a Sony PS3 console. The vehicle will be featured in a new series about each country that has a lunar mission in the works that will be titled Pimp My Lunar Rover.

The shows creators had some trouble explaining why a lunar rover with a top speed of 1.3 mph needs a spoiler, why an unmanned mission needs a PS3 and a stereo, and they had a great deal of difficulty with the exact translation of "thats just how I rove bitch!" which they painted on the rear of the lunar module.

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