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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Contestants at Laguna Seca in Sonoma compete in the first annual Ben Roethlisberger Grand Prix. Posted by Picasa

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The Old Buzzard said...

First I must tell the host that his Uncle from Bearridge finked him out and directed me here so that he will know on whom lies the blame.;o)
That pic must have been from the 3rd weekend of May AMA Superbike race there.
Anyone who cares a whit about roadracing and isn't following MotoGP this season is missing out on the best motorracing series on any number of wheels. Even though I am a 50+ year fan of Formula 1 I am forced to admit that the Canadian F-1 race last weekend was a pale shadow of the MotoGP race from Assen, Holland. There was more passing at Assen than F-1 sees all season and the final lap had enough drama to keep a show going on Broadway for years.
If you are even slightly interested in motorsport tune in SpeedChannel next Sunday to catch the round of MotoGP from Britiain for a treat that I almost guarantee will keep you on the edge of your seat.
If you are even faintly proud of your nationality as an American MotoGP will entertain more than F-1 also as there are 4 US riders in the premiere class while F-1 has only a single representative. The Assen race devolved to a face-off between a young Kentuckyian and an 'elder statesman' Texan that was so tension-fraught that my nerves are just now setting down.
Try MotoGP if you haven't!