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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sandra Beth Geisel, a teacher at Christian Brothers Academy in Colonie, New York was arrested for having sex with 4 juvenile boys from her class. Father Phil McCreviss said that he can't blame the youngsters because she is a babe, and he can't blame her either because he nailed those same 4 boys last year.

On a side note the Colonie NY Police Chief said that he has installed video cameras in her cell as part of her "suicide watch" status; and that if the public would like to help him monitor her safety (especially at changing times and shower times) they can log on to the police website at for $7.00 a minute. All proceeds from the website will be donated to the HCLDF - Hot Chicks Legal Defense Fund.

The acronym TILF should now be used to describe women like accordance with the prophecy. Posted by Picasa

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