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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Greenspan speaks...

Chairman Greenspan said today that "the economy has firmed and that rates will continue rising. "

For those of you too naive to read between the lines replace "economy" with "Sue Bies" and replace "rates" with "Chairman Woodrow"

Now that you've figure out his code see if you notice anything unusual in the rest of his speech:

"rates" will continue to rise, until the "economy" climaxes, at which time rates will undoubtedly drop until they have rested for an appropriate amount of time. I plan to remain on top of things here at the fed, in fact I'm going to pitch a tent in the meeting room until I get this thing straightened out. If you would like to feel me out on the state of the economy I will remain available after the conference for a little give and take.

I'll be on vacation in Viagra Falls for the next few weeks.

Big Daddy G


Anonymous said...

For Shame

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the Fed’s "tool" for stimulating the “economy” is in-effective. He said he plans to keep “rates” “high”, but by keeping “rates” “high” will he really be effective at heating up the “economy”. I didn’t think his “tool” worked when “rates” become “high”.

John Maynard Keynes